RK SHOPI RK Tokens are Utility Tokens To buy the products in RKSHOPI portal

2nd use case buy and sale RKSHOPI Tokens in Trade.

RKSHOPI RK Token are live now in pancake swap, Dextools and in poocoin

Road map

Phase :1 Q1/2022

*Come up with an idea to build a project—completed
*Creating website and Social channels—completed
*Creating token on BEP-20—completed

Phase :2 Q2/2022

*Distributing Airdrops 10 Lakh Tokens to Telegram Group—completed
*Distributing Airdrops 10 Lakh Tokens to Twitter Group
*Referral Programme For website rkshopi.com—–IN Progress

Phase :3 Q3/2022

*Product Launching in website—completed
*Advertising Programme in Social Media—-In Progress
*Listing in Exchanges—-In Progress

Use Case

  1. RKSHOPI RK Tokens are utility token in online shopping
    to buy products in rkshopi.com
  2. Buy RKSHOPI RK Tokens in trade you can sell or buy your Assets